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Integrating technology without killing the human element in B2B sales

Integrating technology without killing the human element in B2B sales

Companies are being forced to adjust their business models and adapt to the new market reality as a result of digital transformation. What's remarkable about this is that the transformation isn’t driven by businesses, but rather it’s directed by the customer. The internet gave customers access to relevant information at any time, anywhere, and in […]
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How to optimally segment clients in B2B companies

Account management-based companies have always valued the importance of client categorization and evaluation; however, determining the optimal way to do that remains evasive. Technology is overtaking the account management sales world; thus, more companies are relying on automating business processes. While the use of technology is no longer viewed as an accelerator, rather as a […]
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The power of pricing

In an ever-increasingly competitive world, the majority of companies have been experiencing shrinking margins like never before; yet these same organizations firmly believe the solution to enhancing profits directly lies in the implementation of strategies either related to cost-cutting or volume growth. By shifting all their efforts, resources, and capabilities towards visioning these strategies, organizations […]
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Revenue Leaders, this is what you have to be thinking of for your 2023 Strategic Plan The fourth quarter of every year is to the majority of companies the time when executives & leaders settle down, analyze their current year performance, and prepare their strategic plans & initiatives to build their budgets for the following […]
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