Growth Strategy

A welldefined growth strategy allows organizations to have a clear strategic roadmap and action plan to increase the size and scale of their business. This includes expanding into new markets, introducing new products or services, and finding ways to leverage the key market drivers to drive their revenues. Leveraging our datadriven approach and deep industry expertise, we develop tailored strategies encompassing innovative business models, competitive differentiation, and expansion into new markets. By partnering with us, you gain actionable insights and a roadmap to drive sustainable revenue growth and outperform competitors.

HEED services include

Growth Priorities

We collaborate with CEOs and strategy directors to define strategic priorities and develop actionable roadmaps for sustainable growth. Our experts conduct comprehensive market analysis, identify emerging trends, and formulate strategies to capitalize on market opportunities. Experience accelerated growth, market expansion, and competitive advantage with a tailored 5-year strategic roadmap

Go-to-market strategy

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a plan for how companies introduce and sell their products or services to their customers. Through market intelligence, we provide details on the target market, positioning, sales and marketing efforts, and key metrics for an efficient and effective way of selling. It is an optimized plan to reach and acquire customers to maximize revenues & profitability.

Product Mix

We help organizations either develop new products or services that will meet the needs of their target market or manage their existing product portfolio, including conducting market research to identify opportunities for growth and analyzing product performance to identify which products should be phased out or expanded. The overall goal is to maximize the value of their product mix and increase revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Pricing Strategy

New pricing strategies help organizations to remain competitive in their market and increase profitability. We work with organizations to understand their needs, goals, and objectives and develop a customized pricing strategy accordingly. This includes identifying the optimal price points for maximizing profitability, creating a new pricing structure that will encourage customer loyalty, and implementing new pricing strategies that will increase revenues & profitability.


Related Insights

How land and expand model can grow your business

Ensuring your business’ survival, let alone its development, has been no easy feat. It’s likely that many businesses like yours have had to make some tough decisions to stay afloat. As you look to the future, you’ll have many decisions to make regarding your business development. There’s no doubt that some of the major economic changes we’ve seen are here to stay. But there are changes that you can implement that will improve your bottom line and make the going more worthy.

One of the major strategies that have proven records of success in many industries is the land-and-expand sales model which aims to increase conversion rate and boost sales numbers. Keep reading as we dive into what land-and-expand can do for your business and how to adapt your processes to this model.

Eliminate the Barrier – Reach Your Consumer Directly

Over the past decade, the evolution of customer purchasing behavior has significantly led to a growing preference for online shopping. Yet, most organizations could not complement their offline sales channels with the digital ones up until the pandemic hit in 2020, and organizations were left with no choice.

How to optimally segment clients in B2B companies

Account management-based companies have always valued the importance of client categorization and evaluation; however, determining the optimal way to do that remains evasive. Technology is overtaking the account management sales world; thus, more companies are relying on automating business processes. While the use of technology is no longer viewed as an accelerator, rather as a core component of business, it should not outweigh client centricity. Particularly in companies that rely on post-sales account managers to manage and nurture relationships with accounts – to retain and increase revenue from them. The objective then is to place client centricity at the center and create digital initiatives that facilitate this centricity.

Retail business isn’t dead – it’s entering a new era

With the introduction of the digital world to the retail business in the late 1990s, along with the entire digital revolution, customers and consumers had a massive shift in their purchasing behavior.

With the rise of the Covid19 pandemic and its implication and acceleration on every aspect within our way of living, the retail business became one of the most challenging industries, and thus a lot of studies have been conducted to understand what’s happening to approach the myth of the future of retail.

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