Get Ready Program

HEED Get Ready program offers potential people the opportunity to equip themselves with the required skills, knowledge & experience through a paid full-time program with hands-on experience on live projects with the consulting team. This could be the job for you if you're interested in how strategy, data, and technology can enhance business sectors that affect our daily lives

What you will experience

  1. Turn sophisticated and actual business challenges into solutions using structured and creative thinking
  2. Learn to express your thoughts through presentations and use quantitative methods and statistical models to create insights and outcomes from data.
  3. Develop the most needd skills to excel in your consulting role:
    • Leadership skills
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Written & Verbal Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Adaptability
    • Creative & Analytical Thinking

BootCamp - 2 weeks

A 360-degree hands-on training on the different pillars that build a successful business consultant throughout your career. You will be introduced to problem-solving, data analysis and presentation, effective research methodologies, positioning, communication, and more.

Learning and Application - 10 weeks

A period with a fast learning curve that will shape your ability and resilience to continue on this path. You will be assigned jobs with peers to support the consultants’ ongoing live projects in a collaborative learning environment.

1st Assessment to Advanced Level

Evaluating your capabilities to move to the advanced level and continue with the program.

Advanced Level - 10 weeks

A period that offers you more responsibility and complicated objectives where you will learn advanced skills such as critical thinking, conflict resolution, data analysis, creative & analytical thinking, and more.

Sprint Competition - 2 weeks

The chance to compete against your peers and show your skills in turning sophisticated and actual business challenges into solutions using structured and creative thinking.

Certification and Promotion

Evaluating your capabilities to be promoted to the Associate Consultant full-time and full-benefits position.

Business Analyst

Joining the GetReady Program as a business analyst allowed me to gain a sense of accountability as I was exposed to various situations to analyze deeply, gain valuable insights, and suggest solutions. It also allowed me to strengthen my problem-solving skills as well as my communication skills and build strong connections with colleagues and clientele.

Associate Consultant

Since joining HEED as a business analyst in the GetReady Program, I developed and learned new skills related to the following fields: management consulting, business analysis, and business development. Furthermore, I understood the importance of sales & marketing for a company to be profitable, especially while incorporating scientific methods to ensure a smooth and accurate result.

Senior Business Analyst

The GetReady Program has helped me in excelling exponentially on a professional level, in a challenging environment, among a strongly connected and expert team. I learned how to gather crucial information, do the necessary analysis, and come up with suitable solutions to assist clients.

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, I gained crucial skills in improving decision-making processes within organizations and enhancing my analytical skills in gathering, analyzing, and implementing to turn data into valuable insights.

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