For more than a decade and with more than 80+ Successful Projects globally across all industries, we pride ourselves in aiding clients in Driving their Revenue Growth we’ve been known to be the Subject Matter Experts in Sales and Marketing, we call it Customer Understanding and Market Dynamics.

why HEED

Our Key Success Metrics

Depth & Breadth


Solid sales background combined with industry knowledge, analytical structured mindset, and best practices.

Pragmatic Process


We thrive on collaboration and move in tandem with our clients to develop and build the best fit solution.

Insights & Technology


We leverage the power of analytics to reach the root causes of issues and technology to increase business performance.

Guarantee Results


With Discipline of Execution, we build the flywheel model momentum for consistency & coherence to guarantee project success.

No doubt the latest pandemic rapidly made "business as usual" obsolete and made Revenue Management, Customer Centricity, Restructuring the organization to Adapt to the new changes, and Accelerating the adoption of digital Transformation C-suite executive’s main concern.
Hence, we felt the responsibility of our Mission, to aid organizations in the New Normal, adapt to the major customer changes, and prepare them for the Future.

We are more than happy to assist and be your Extension Arm.

word from founder

“It is our place to make a dent in the universe and build a solid change in every organization to grow effectively.”

Mazen E. FARAH

Founder, HEED

About Us

A peek into our culture

People call it determination or perseverance; We like to call it the doers spirit.

As much as in consultancy, we should be great thinkers, we always believe, we should be doers as well, in order to aid our clients in building up the needed momentum to make a great impact.

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