The Big Ben of Salespeople

While I was watching the Discovery Channel few days ago, it caught my attention an interesting documentary that might seem historical or mechanical for some, but it showed me a different perspective.

When Great Britain parliament commissioned this clock in 1854, they insisted Big Ben be the biggest, most powerful and accurate clock in the world. It was about unearthing the Big Ben’s secrets, structure, and mechanism to the tiniest cogs, to discover how it was built with a successful mission 160 years ago to keep that iconic clock and piece of art in perfect time.

Today, IAN Westworth, the clockmaster behind maintaining the accuracy of the Clock Tower in this Palace of Westminster of London, goes up 334 steps every time to reach the clock’s heart, and some of his usual tasks are winding it for 1 hour and a half by manually turning the wheel and later checking the temperature changes effect on the pendula, among many other hard but critical efforts.

But what caught my interest in his interview was his passion and enthusiasm for his work, a job which is for most us a very boring one. But he does not judge his small tasks by his ego or self-image, but rather sees the bigger picture of successfully maintaining the original mission behind this clock. It is his dedication that is keeping up till this day our respect and abidance of this ICONIC WORLD’S BIGGEST AND MOST ACCURATE CLOCK.

This is what I believe a one-person dedication and motivation can actually have as a bigger effect on the business, nation, and even the world.

IAN for the world’s clocks accuracy is what each person is for the nation economy.

Same applies today to our salespeople’s persistence and guts of jumping over all barriers that keep the flywheel of our economy running. Millions of dollars can be circulated and injected in our market, through the deals they are personally facilitating, be it with small deals accumulated or large deals worked sharply.
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