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While 92% of firms in 2015 are increasing their quotas, important metrics pivotal to sales success are declining.
Data insights show that most of these firms continue to embrace a traditional force-approach by hiring more salespeople. It’s like saying: “sure I’m losing money on every sale, but I’ll make it up with volume!”. With the scarcity of qualified salespeople, this approach is often, if not always, unaffordable.
Further, the amount of time sales professionals spend on selling activities is also steadily declining. In 2014, a study lead by CSO Insights showed that selling time in B2B dropped from 37% to 35% in a year’s time.
How Could SalesFitRx Help
Just like FitBit wristbands help people track and plan their fitness activities, SalesFitRx:
  • Becomes the sales fitness coach for salespeople.
  • Is the tool for better integrating science into sales on the sales organization-level.
Benefits for Salespeople:
Immediate benefits include better allocation of time and efforts. Ultimately however, the salespeople are selling more; consequently earning more commissions.
  • It provides a profile for sales professionals around time utilization with no additional input required from the sales people. The software automatically collects data and through its artificial intelligence engine uncovers the what, when, and how behind the sales process at an individualized level.
  • It allows sales professionals to see where time is being used ineffectively and identifies optics around best practices of top performers as a coaching model.
  • It provides an environment for sales professionals to compete, collaborate, and learn from one another.
  • It serves as a vital motivational tool to compete with one’s self and optimize one’s sales activities.
Benefits for Sales Organization:
It serves as a great layer of insight to sales management, an interesting approach in a rather crowded field of CRM offerings, an innovative idea and a simple yet highly needed concept in the workforce to improve today’s norm. It gives valuable insights to:
  • Scientifically build the best sales process pattern based on the leader’s behaviour and activities.
  • Bring different perspectives towards redesigning and restructuring your sales organization based on salespeople’s selling and non-selling activities allocation.
  • Scientifically draw the need for additional sales force and sizing of the sales organization
  • Optimize sales people time.
We are a sales management consulting firm specialized in assisting organization in maximizing revenue growth. We believe that such growth begins by a paradigm shift of today’s world class sales organization to be built around an entire sales organization anatomy rather than a group of star salespeople.
Thus,we design, optimize and transform your sales organization by putting science into sales. We further deploy the right technology in place, drive user adoption through the organization, and help companies to turn data into actionable insights aiding in shaping their decision making to maximize revenue growth.
Today, we are offering a free 30-day trial on SalesFitRx and a complimentary guidance with a sample of 3-5 users of your choice.
For further guidance on how SalesFitRx could potentially be implemented, do not hesitate to reach us on the following coordinates.



An experienced management consultant, specializing in revenue growth strategies. Driven by science and industry best practices he takes pride in developing the most pragmatic and effective solutions. In addition to being a Partner at HEED, Wael has been recognized by several clients as a trusted advisor for his extraordinary commitment to bringing client success.

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