How To Resolve Your Sales Challenges

HEED is integrating Science into SALES. A solution through which we had 100% success rate in our projects and 53% increase on average on our clients’ sales performance.

You will benefit most if you have a sales organization with 3+ years of sales data. Or you are in the process of structuring or re-engineering your sales organization.

Dear Executives,

In such challenging, uncertain and insecure market; trial and error, guts and intention coupled with the superhero resiliency of the prior generation were the major key factors for making it through, even when following a non-scientific process. But this has little definable, measurable or predictable procedures, attitudes and competencies that can be transferred or even taught to the current and future sales generation.

It all started by an idea while going over a sales study conducted by Accenture in 2010 that concluded “Composing high performance sales function, even in growth, may require a deeper transformation of the fundamentals. This includes strategy and process to systems and talent, bringing science and art of sales back into focus.”

A simple idea that we believed it’s the future for our market’s sales challenges. Today, Heed had gone the extra mile to validate, and prove that this study is applicable in such uncertain market, even on SME’s (small and medium enterprises).

“Science” is a terminology used when referring to any structured process. A scientific process is one that defines and analyzes data to build strategies and plans, inform decisions, take actions and reach incremental milestones. In a sales context, this approach will lead to a visible “secured” outcome that can in itself be measured and managed to allow continuous improvement. It could be applied on all levels of the sales organization, below are few examples that have been drawn from Heed’s recent engagements.
Applying mathematical analysis would segment the right opportunities to focus on, product line to drop and sales pattern to follow. We helped one client to identify the lost opportunities and gained sales with other lines that resulted in an increase in sales performance in excess of 50% in one year.
Applying various scientific analysis on your sales data, allow to better understand your customer segmentation. This will direct your sales people to the right potential customers. Designing a sales structure to properly exploit the new segmentation led to an increase of between 35-40% of potential referrals at one of our clients.
Integrating science and structure into your sales cycle is the key to have a measurable defined sales outcome in regards to each step of the sales process. Such pattern, when properly defined, mapped, and optimized with the proper sales insights will bridge the gap between good salespeople and the middle performers. This helped our clients to reduce in the time to complete a sale by 33% on average, and an increase in sales conversion of more than 30%.
Applying regression analysis on your sales productivity is the key for setting measurable constant objectives for each sales step within a defined process. This keeps salespeople engaged with the most lucrative and rewarding opportunities, rather than being fixated on less meaningful overall targets. Setting pre-determined but focused levels of weekly cold calls for every salesperson was enough to minimize the peaks and valleys by 70% at one of our client’s overall sales performance.
With our solid sales experience, analytical structured mentality and the understanding of the sales environment within our society, we continue to fruition putting science into sales practice. We provide solutions that enable organizations not only to overcome existing sales problems and challenges, but also optimize their potential and build a platform for continuous improvement.

Our efforts normally range for an intensive duration of five to seven months for a medium-sized firm, including executing the set plan that link together people, strategy, plans and processes. The success of any consultancy should be measured not by advice or fine branded reports, but by the discipline of execution that lead to measurable results. In execution we believe.

We are happy we have worked with HEED on two different engagements. Their scientific state of art solution helped Brokers XP to expand irrespective of the on-going challengeable market. Their mathematical anlysis coupled with their sales insights helped us to segment the right opportunities to focus on, and structure an optimized sales process to follow. Such an exercise joined with HEED’s discipline of execution resulted in a cultural shift among our sales force and a significant increase in sales productivity.
Working with Heed to integrate science into our sales process has resulted in clearly focused and measurable goals for sales and management. The approach has helped us focus on the process and maximize our sales potentials by identifying their strength and using it, while minimizing frustration sales people hit from time to time from blindly jumping from lead to lead.
I highly recommend working with Heed on the science approach to grow your sales. Mazen’s passion comes across in everything he does and he works hard to pass on the enthusiasm and passion to the sales organization.
Heed was instrumental in providing insight of our sales potential and building and executing a scientific approach to realizing its potential. Mazen’s dedication, perseverance, and confidence of the science behind selling is now an integral part of our sales culture and personnel. We look forward to developing our relationship with Heed and highly recommend Mazen’s services to anyone looking to optimize their business.
Mr. Abdullah Saleh
Managing Director – Brokers XP
Mr. Adonis El Fakih
CEO – Ayna Corp
Mr. Ziad Mugraby


Managing Partner
Founder of HEED, a sales management consulting firm focused on aiding companies to structure, transform or optimize their sales by integrating science into selling.

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