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Business Analyst

Joining the GetReady Program as a business analyst allowed me to gain a sense of accountability as I was exposed to various situations to analyze deeply, gain valuable insights, and suggest solutions. It also allowed me to strengthen my problem-solving skills as well as my communication skills and build strong connections with colleagues and clientele.

Associate Consultant

Since joining HEED as a business analyst in the GetReady Program, I developed and learned new skills related to the following fields: management consulting, business analysis, and business development. Furthermore, I understood the importance of sales & marketing for a company to be profitable, especially while incorporating scientific methods to ensure a smooth and accurate result.

Senior Business Analyst

The GetReady Program has helped me in excelling exponentially on a professional level, in a challenging environment, among a strongly connected and expert team. I learned how to gather crucial information, do the necessary analysis, and come up with suitable solutions to assist clients.

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, I gained crucial skills in improving decision-making processes within organizations and enhancing my analytical skills in gathering, analyzing, and implementing to turn data into valuable insights.