CRM User Adoption & Utilization – Workshop

Workshop by Mazen E. Farah


Date: Wednesday,December 3, 2014
Time: Wed: 09:00 – 18:00
Location: Movenpick Hotel –               Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Facilitator: Mazen E. FARAH
Cost: 1300 $ / person
Early Bird Special: 975$ before NOVEMBER 17
To Register please contact us on:
T: + 966 53 808 2417


We all understand well the need and importance on leveraging on a CRM solution and utilizing on such investment especially with today’s big-data trend. We further look forward to start basing our decisions on data driven analytics rather than guts and intuition. However, what is happening on the ground is a different story.


A pragmatic hands-on workshop that addresses all the various challenges that obstruct a successful CRM IMPLEMENTATION, — USER ADOPTION and the UTILIZATION of the CRM.

 ROOT CA– USES: We will understand the root causes behind each of the above challenges and the best solution as of:

  • Implementing the CRM through following a NON-similar methodology that is used when implementing an ERP solution.
  • Working around the fear of the salespeople and their perspective that “the CRM is a mandatory burden and time consuming task implemented by the management in order to micro-manage and monitor our activities”.
  • Managing the mixture of energies that are needed to be a productive sales person on one hand and a disciplined one for feeding data into the system.
  • Setting a unified sales terminologies, indexing as well as a common language in place in order to have a reliable visibility into the pipeline and revenue forecasting, as well as clear insight into the activities of the sales people.

 PREPARE FOR CHANGE: We will learn how to prepare for change and how to develop the set of principles, guidelines and terminologies required as a foundation for a successful  implementation.

 PLAN & IMPLEMENT: We will address thoroughly how to implement a shift in the culture within your sales organization in order to benefit out of the system rather than just feeding the system.

Who shall ATTEND

This workshop is designed for all people who have ownership, stakeholders or strategic responsibility for the success of the CRM within the organizations including General Managers along other stakeholders (ex: Sales directors/managers, Sales Supervisors,  head of IT, project managers, Digital business managers, etc…)

Mazen E. Farah

Mazen E. Farah

Managing Partner  HEED – might & main

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